Truth be told, all of our itineraries started as custom trips. We put the legs up after a long day in the saddle, and asked ourselves, “What would the best week of cycling around Castagneto (or Barolo, or Healdsburg, or Basilicata) look like?” And voila, our trips were born.

We have been doing custom tours for years, and we’d love to talk with you about designing one for you–in California, Chianti, Corsica, Tuscany, the Dolomites, Sicily, Basilicata, or any other locale that we know well.

We generally require a group of at least 20 riders to stick to our current pricing, about $4,000 per person, for eight days. We’ll happily discuss smaller groups, but we’ll have to rethink the cost depending on group size and the itinerary. Shorter trips are a possibility, as well.

Traveling with your family and friends should be nothing but a joy. By selecting great riding, and interesting activities for non-riders, we can design an ideal active vacation for your group. Our strength is keeping our guests engaged in the local culture both on and off the bike, and at the table; great food and plenty of endorphins will keep everyone happy. We make sure the party keeps rolling.

So drop us a line or throw us a curve ball–we’d love to help plan your ideal cycling vacation!