Travel-help-lead-photo-570x382Getting to us

Planes and trains¦

Most of our tours begin and end out of the following airports, check your specific tour page to find out where to plan your air travel:

Pisa (PSA)
Rome (FCO)
Milan (MXP)
Florence (FLR)
Verona (VRN)

TRAINS are a great, easy and cheap way to travel through Italy. Check the Ferrovie website for timetables and travel information.

(Florence-Firenze, Rome-Roma, Milan-Milano)

Tips for traveling on the train:

  • Remember to buy your ticket before boarding the train at the ticket window in larger stations, and from the vending machine in smaller stations. No need to buy them ahead of time online…it gets complicated.
  • Validate your ticket in a small time stamping machine before boarding- if you don’t you might have to pay €50 penalty once on the train. These machines are located within the station- near ticket counters, near main entrances, within underpasses, or near the tracks. Locations vary from station to station, so be on the look out!
  • Trains do not arrive early: Make sure you don’t board the wrong train.
  • Tracks are called binari. In the station, look for your train by its final destination, such as Pisa or Roma.
  • Fast trains like the Intercity and EuroStar trains may not accommodate cases larger than an ordinary suitcase. If you are traveling with a bike box, please keep this in mind when scheduling your train travel.
  • Interregional and local trains are the best when traveling with large bike cases, look for a bicycle logo when booking a train.
  • Don’t worry about spending that extra euro for a first class train ride on Interregional or regional trains, there isn’t a difference on most trains.

Complimentary Shuttle

Cinghiale offers complimentary shuttle services for the beginning and end of each tour. Please see your specific tour page to see about shuttle services, locations and times.

If you book travel outside of these shuttles times contact us and we will do our best to help you arrange transportation, be aware that you may incur the cost of a taxi to get you to the airport for your flight.

Arriving Early and Staying Late…

We highly recommend coming a few days (or more) before and after your tour. There is plenty to see in Italy and it’s very easy to travel by train.


Accommodations for before and after tours: or, check out our list of hotels from clients past.

To Travel or not to Travel With Your Bike…

– Nothing is nicer than riding your own bike set to your comfort on the amazing roads in Italy. With that said we all know that the airlines have begun charging an arm and a leg for oversized bags and sports equipment. To avoid surprise at check-in ask your ticketing agent or check online for such charges

– Andy’s favorite way to travel with bike is his snazzy Hampsten S&S coupled travel bike that fits into a regulation sized case for airlines¦ if your favorite accessory during travel is a beautacious bike you should check out the Strada Bianca from Hampsten Cycles.

– A great option for those not obsessed with their current/custom frame is to rent a bike from Ciclosport, the stellar bike shop in Castagneto.

Renting a bike is an excellent option for those who wish to travel light and hassle-free. You can also avoid the extra fee some airlines are now charging for bikes by renting. (Please ask your airline if this is the case for your flight). A very nice range of bicycles is available for rent.

Click here to set up a bike rental.