Cinghiale Cycling Tours, Inc. does not offer travel insurance. However, we highly recommend taking the precaution of buying it, as we have seen many cases of unexpected cancellations. Visit for a comparison of travel insurance companies and available options. This site quotes a $4,000 trip coverage policy for between $113 and $300 – not bad for the peace of mind if you do end up needing to cancel your trip.

Things to think about when purchasing travel insurance:

  • lost/damaged luggage
  • emergency medical care
  • medical repatriation flight in the event of a medical emergency


If you decide not to come, the amount you have paid so far is fully refundable up to 91 days before the trip. Cancellations after that time forfeit the whole amount paid. We reserve the right to cancel your spot if we have not received your balance payment by 50 days before the trip start date.We do not overbook and strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance.

Safe Travelers Tip! Scan your passport, driver’s license and credit cards and send as an email to yourself and cc’d to reliable friends, and/or bring copies with you. If you should lose any of these, you will at least have documentation, or a way of retrieving the information by email.

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